Poster Printing Using Google Images

Picture 2

One of the best resources for finding great material for posters is Google Images.  And by using their advanced search option you can do this very easily.  Below is a quick guide on how to go about setting up an advance search for your perfect poster image.

First, go to Google Images and select “Advanced Image Search”.  From here you have lots of options that will help you narrow down your image results.  Below is a screenshot of the new Google Images advanced search interface.  Instead of going over all the options we are just going to cover a few.

Picture 11

Image Size

The larger the image size the better the resolution.  We suggest starting your search high, around 6 or 8 megapixel and slowly reducing the size till you find an image that you like.

When you click on the image you like it will take you to the site where the image can be found.  Be sure to click, “full-size image”.  Once you are looking at the full-size image you should be able to enlarge a portion of the image by clicking on.  To get the image back to its normal size click on it again.

Be sure that when you enlarge the image it still looks clear.  Sometimes low res images are saved at a high resolution.  This tricks systems into thinking that the quality is better than it really is.  You can tell if this has happened if the enlarged image does not look sharp.   From here you can you can right-click the image and save it to your computer.

Remember, save the image while you are viewing it at full-size, you do not need to be zoomed in but you should be viewing at full size.  From there you can upload it to our site and follow our steps to create your poster.

Aspect Ratio

Sometimes finding the correct aspect ratio can be very important.  If you have a frame that you are wanting to use you can either crop your image to fit the ratio of the frame or find the right ratio to begin with.  Their options are not super specific but it is a good start.