A Guide to Poster Printing for Small Business

Although digital marketing is currently the most talked about form of business promotion, outdoor print promotion is still an effective and low cost way for small businesses to market.

If your small business is looking for a powerful way to brand and promote an event or product, poster printing is the answer. Poster printing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to spread the word to the masses and the economical nature of poster printing allows it to be an ideal medium for small business marketing.

A recent survey determined that 28% of those surveyed reported being influenced by outdoor posters.

Billboards ranked as the most effective advertising, but posters ranked higher than extensive lighting or car ads. If you are looking to take your small business to the next level with outdoor marketing tools, here’s what you need to know about poster printing for small business marketing:

Presentation is Key

You may have noticed that all of the sudden, one day, a new brand is everywhere you look. When you search Google, when you walk down the street, as you sit on the street bus; everywhere you look you notice this hot, new brand. That feeling has been evoked by a deliberate marketing plan and is by design. Taking advantage of that same marketing concept with the use of poster printing is an effective and economical approach for small businesses.

Well-targeted marketing campaigns and intelligent use of your budget allows for even the smallest micro-businesses to compete with the big businesses. Poster printing, as well as other print marketing methods, is one tool you can use to level the competition and increase your return on investment exponentially. And it is one of the most affordable and overlooked ways to brand in a big way.

Before you throw together a poster design, be sure that you are clear about your actual brand image and how you intend to promote it. Ask the following questions:

  • What is your product or message?
  • Who is your demographic?
  • What is your competition’s marketing strategy?
  • What is your niche or differentiator?

Sum all of the answers to these questions up with a tagline and you have your brand image.

Dedicated Design

Turning heads with your marketing campaign lies almost entirely in the hands of the designer. A high quality poster will not be effective unless the design elements are geared specifically to turn the head of your audience. As potential customers briskly walk by your poster, the design has to turn heads at a quick glance. Even in a fast paced environment, it should captivate your audience. Key components of effective poster design include:

  • Powerful imagery
  • Contrasting color selections
  • Compelling copy
  • Effective call to action

An effective poster summarizes the message, conveys the message visually, is readable from four feet away and has a clear and discernible organization and flow. Do not clutter the poster design with too many fonts, use a font size that is appropriate for the poster size as well as the message.

For example, a small poster, 16″ x 24″, is more effective when there is minimal text and a larger, more powerful image.

A large, 36″ x 54″, poster can be more multi-dimensional. It can capture an audience with a large and captivating image and then draw people closer with smaller images and more detailed and informative text. Creating an effective and cohesive design plan that considers the poster size and the message will lead to a powerful poster.

Print Professional Quality Posters

Your desktop printer and neighborhood discount copy centers will fall short of delivering the attention grabbing color and quality possibilities and durability of professional poster printing. Professional poster printing is surprisingly economical and allows small businesses that compete with larger corporations to produce similar quality printed posters. Larger corporations may have the budget to print larger quantities, but their branding will not look any more professional than yours when your business uses posters that are professionally printed.

For best results, professional poster printers recommend high-quality paper stock such as:

  • 100-pound gloss text
  • 100-pound gloss cover
  • extra-thick and durable 16-point gloss cover stock
  • 13-point matte cover stock

Posters with a gloss finish have a brighter sheen that accentuates your design color selections. Posters that are printed on 13-point matte cover stock appear more rich and are eco-friendly. The 13-point matte cover paper is recycled, making it a perfect selection for “green” businesses.

Select Your Poster Printing Partner

Choosing a quality printer for your marketing poster is an important decision and many times, businesses rush into a local copy center at the last minute with their poster design in an attempt to hurry up the process. Many times, the end result is a disaster. You have spent copious amounts of time planning, designing, and developing your poster, so do not settle for less than quality for the printing of it.

Online printers are not all equal and it is important to consider the following when choosing an online printer:

  • History of work quality. Visit the printer’s website to view portfolios of past work and to learn whether the printer has partnered with larger, reputable businesses. Avoid the temptation to quickly select the cheapest online printer, as your end result may suffer.
  • Consider green credentials. Is your business a “green” business? Are you committed to reducing your carbon footprint? If so, you may easily check to see if the business is certified by any one of the accredited eco-friendly associations.
  • High level of service. When you make initial contact with the online printer, are they responsive and do they seem to understand your needs? Whether the contact is by phone or by email, feeling comfortable and being confident that the poster printing company understands your needs is paramount to a quality finished product.
  • Research their reputation. Visit the online print company’s reviews on their website and also through their social media channels. If you are contracting a large project, contact a couple of their past clients to make sure they were pleased with the print company.

Whether you need assistance uploading a file, color enhancing technology, custom sizes, or upgraded ink or paper, PosterBrain exceeds industry poster printing standards.

For a high quality professional printer that delivers on time, contact PosterBrain for all poster printing needs.