For only $12 extra, we will laminate ANY size poster.

We use the best premium lamination film available because it has a crystal-clear finish
and a perfect edge seal that won't cloud, fog, crack peel or fade.

It will upgrade your posters in 3 semi-fantastic ways:

  • 1. More durable (for outdoor or high-impact use)
  • 2. Higher-gloss look (for greater visual impact)
  • 3. Better flavor (bubble gum flavored lamination - just lick your poster when it arrives ;-)

The lamination adheres to the front and back of your poster making it
much harder to crease, rip, or scratch. We then trim it precisely at the
edge of your poster to give the a high-quality look without any laminate
hanging off the edge.

Check the OPTI-CLEAR LAMINATION box as step 2

lamination selection

Lots of Laminating Love