Get Ready to Rebound

“Everyone has their own challenges. It’s all about how you rebound.” If that quote gets you as fired up as it does us, just hold onto your socks, it gets even better! The Miami Heat Wheels have not only inspired us, they have opened our eyes and taught us how to rebound with style.

THE REBOUND is an award-winning documentary film that follows the underdog journey of the Miami Heat Wheels, a wheelchair basketball team, in their quest for a national title. Three adaptive athletes rally their team to victory while confronting obstacles on and off the court. The story is a real and visceral portrait of the athletes’ journey to realize their dreams while facing life’s biggest challenges. As a leading nationwide community that shares in our values, we truly believe this is a film you’ll find worthwhile.

We, as filmmakers (Shaina Allen, Director and Michael Esposito, Producer) stepped inside the lives of three players as they endure and respond to adversity, and push their way to a second chance. Friends, family, and pride hang in the balance as these men find an extraordinary gift in the hand life has dealt. They hope for an education, a big break, and a new life. Our cameras didn’t stop rolling when the players left the court: the film follows them through the trials of daily life.

As the team comes together, true character is tested and the athletes’ stories provide audiences an authentic connection that can bring us all together as people, regardless of our abilities. With each victory, the team gets closer to the idea that anything is possible—and it’s all about how you rebound.

In THE REBOUND’s west coast premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA, the film was awarded the 2016 Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award. “The secret weapon of The Rebound – the reason why this movie affects you so deeply, even if you don’t care about sports – lies within the personal stories of the players.” Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald Film Critic.

We first heard about “The Rebound” when they used PosterBrain to make thank you poster gifts for those who helped make this amazing documentary happen. We have been following their journey ever since and are so excited that they were accepted to the Dallas International Film Festival as well as Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida! Congrats you guys!

THE REBOUND team is always actively looking for community partners and organizations to bring the film to new audiences and share the story. If the film sounds like it could be a great fit for your campus, organization or community, send them a messageYou can also sign up for their Newsletter and join them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where updates on the film and other great content are posted regularly.