The Difference Between Posters and Enlarged Photos

“That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Posters, photos, prints, super duper huge pictures…there are many names circling around for enlarged pictures, but is there really a difference? Many photo printing companies print on high quality luster paper and charge more than we do here at PosterBrain, so there has to be a difference in the quality right? Wrong. We print on the best HP 9.1mil premium archival photographic paper with a satin finish (that’s just fancy talk for not too glossy, not too dull, just perfect). And by using top of the line technology (brand new high gamut 8 ink technology to be exact), we help you create vivid high-impact prints. We also use the latest embedded spectrophotometer (now that’s a fun word to say!) to help you get consistent, accurate color every time.

So…if we use the best of the best, how are our prices so low? Well we’ve focused on printing just this one type of poster and that allows us to print quickly and accurately AND to source the best inks and papers at the best volume prices. We also do everything in house so the turnaround time is speedy as can be. But enough of us tooting our own horn, order a poster today and let us know what you think of the quality and experience. Happy poster/pirnt/photo ordering!