PosterBrain’s Sexy Lamination

Lamination can be sexy?? You got that right! Here at PosterBrain we have perfected our gloss lamination so it has that perfect sheen, just like newly glossed lips. And by using the best premium lamination film available, your laminated posters with have a crystal-clear finish and a perfect edge seal that won’t cloud, fog, crack, peel, or fade. As if super sexy lamination isn’t good enough already, it’s only $12 extra for ANY size poster!

Lip glossWhat if you’re not in the mood for glossy sexiness? No worries, we also offer a perfect matte finish! It has all of the many benefits of the gloss lamination, just without the sheen. If you want the matte finish, just respond to the order confirmation email that you will receive and ask for the “unsexy” laminate. It’s that easy. So on your next poster order, add some flair (and protection) by adding lamination. Happy posterizing!