Posters to Keep your Walls Company

It’s no secret that one of the quickest ways to brighten and change up a room is to throw something cool up on the wall. That explains why we have had so many PosterBrain customers print posters for their homes and offices. But what isn’t as commonly known is that posters could be used to hide speakers! Who knew? It’s been proven once again, our customers are not only the greatest, but they are also brilliant. This is what┬áRonald LeVasseu had to say about his wall art.

“The posters came out great, as always! This is the 4th time that we’ve ordered this size posters from your company.┬áI have a set of Wharfdale picture frame loudspeakers mounted on the walls of one room. I’m able to use scrapbooking glue to adhere the posters to the speakers without compromising the quality of the sound. As the kids grow, we just swap out the posters for some updated ones. It’s kind of neat to listen to music through these speakers that appear to be framed pictures of our grandchildren.”

how to decorate speakers

framed speakers

There are so many cool ways to use posters! How are you guys using your posters? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, happy posterizing!