Posters for Photographers

Fun fact of the day: our founder, Eric James, is a die hard photographer and that’s actually why PosterBrain got its start. He wanted to create posters that kept the vibrancy and feel that he captured on his camera. It’s one of the biggest compliments when photographers trust us to posterize their photos because it tells us we are on the right track. Brown Nichols is one of our amazingly talented customers and his story makes his photography even more beautiful.

“I went to Glenville State College  in West Virginia and had Photography as an elective. I found it was fun and soon had a basic darkroom in my bedroom closet, haha. I had a Canon A-1 and thought I was at the top of the world then. As lives grow with a spouse and children the hobby took 2nd place. I recently survived Open heart surgery in 2013 and Stage 4 Cancer in 2014-now. I literally came to a stop and my mind just clicks in different way now. I stop and see things differently and have more patience and don’t let deadlines and times affect me. I have a pair of Nikon D-32′s and a few lens as I can afford them. I used Facebook as a medium and people commented to share more pics. I found that people actually enjoyed some of my works. I do as other photographers do and go from one subject to the other and concentrate on it, until I satisfy myself. I know I can do better with practice and maybe as I progress I can move up in the Nikon Family a bit.”

Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to always see the beauty around us Brown! Here are just a few of his beautiful shots that we have had the privilege of posterizing.

1. Winter Storm Jonas ends in West Virginia as the Wolf moon rises

sunrise photography

2. A park in Calhoun County, West Virginia. It’s part of a project with the University of Tennesse to form a “dark Sky” project for local astronomers.

Night photography

3. Spring mushrooms in West Virginia

West Virginia

If you have a photo you would like to enlarge, let us know! Our specially-engineered giclée pigment inks, paired with brand new high gamut 8-ink technology, will create a vivid high-impact print for you. We also use the latest embedded spectrophotometer to help get consistent, accurate color every time. Happy posterizing!