PosterBrain is the Smart Choice for Enlarging your Pictures

Not only is our founder insanely tall, he’s also an insanely awesome photographer! We’re not ¬†quite sure what the correlation between being tall and being a good photographer is, but they’re both pretty groovy facts.

So what do you get when an insanely awesome photographer decides to make a poster printing company?? Some insanely awesome posters! (If you’ve had a PosterBrain poster made, or met our founder, you know ‘insanely awesome’ is the only appropriate description.) Having a photographer as a founder means that the quality and crispness of each poster is of upmost importance to us. So if you’re a photographer looking to enlarge your photos, you have found the perfect company! And if we haven’t convinced you yet, here are five reasons why your posters will be beyond comparison.

  1. Fully calibrated color from start to finish. Full support for Adobe RGB (1998) ICC profile.
  2. Because of our proprietary scaling algorithm, you can print twice as big as anywhere else.
  3. We print on the best HP 9.1mil premium archival photographic paper with satin finish (not too glossy, not too dull – just perfect).
  4. The low cost means you can order real prints as proofs. If they aren’t perfect it’s affordable to print them again and again. Plus we have a 100% no hassle money back guarantee.
  5. Turn around time is at least 5 times faster than any photo lab online. Order today and it ships tomorrow.

But the best way to see why we’re the number one stop for photographers is to check us out for yourself! So grab your favorite photo and put us to the test!