Laminate Your Posters

Today we are tipping our hats to Dr. Morris M. Blum, a New York City dentist who discovered lamination in 1938 by applying “the dental practice of fusing clear resin to teeth for enamel protection to laminating photographs.” Thanks to this grand discovery (and PosterBrain offering lamination for any poster), many a presentation have been saved from spills and getting creases, maintenance check lists haven’t been ruined by grease, outdoor signs have withstood the rain and not faded in the sun, fish have swum happily with a custom made backdrop in their tank, posters have been re-used, smudges have been cleaned right off, promotional materials have looked more professional…whew… yea, we owe you Dr. Blum!So are you ready to join the lamination fan club? For only $12 extra, PosterBrain will laminate ANY size poster with the best premium lamination film available. This will give your poster a crystal-clear finish and a perfect edge seal that won’t cloud, fog, crack, peel, or fade. Happy posterizing!