Halloween Costume Ideas

Did you know that posters can be used for Halloween costumes?? And we’re not just saying that because we think posters can be used for most things…

Halloween happens to be one of our favorite holidays. Dressing up and candy are a brilliant combination. Plus, it’s a time to really get your creative juices going! So if you are looking for a poster to complete your Halloween look, or looking for some fun ideas, we can help!

Exhibit A: Iphone Costume

Poster of an Iphone

Exhibit B: Photo Strip Costume

Unique costume ideas

Exhibit C: Background for a Terrible¬†90′s School Picture Costume.¬†

Background for school pictures

Exhibit D: Spice Girls Costume

Creative Spice Girls Halloween Costume

Exhibit E: “I’m a Poster” Costume

We can do it Costume

Feel free to post your Halloween costumes in our comment section, we’d love to see them!