Business Posters for Internal Use

A large portion of the poster we print are for businesses.  Of the business prints produced many are advertisements of some kind.  Most are telling people about an event or product.  But recently, we have been seeing a really neat trend, posters made for internal use!  Why not print some posters for around the office?  Printing posters for employees can be inspirational and educating.

Now, not to brag, but PosterBrain has been doing this for a while.  We like to create posters from comments our customer leave about us, we put them up in the office and all over the shop.  It is a great way to show that every person here that getting you the perfect poster and that everyone’s effort are appreciated. Our posters look a lot like the example below.

These are super easy to create.  We have a template made in Photoshop so all we have to do is cut and past the text and it is ready to be printed.  Everyone loves these and they are a great way to show what our efforts create for our customers.

We have been doing these for Vitamix for some time, too.  If you are not familiar with them, Vitamix makes amazing blenders.  Below is one of the many posters they have printed with us. It is of one line in their mission statement.

A great way to make sure people remember the mission statement is to put it up around the office.

Personally, we like the positive ones.  But, there are some who prefer the “de-motivational” posters.  I think we have all seen those so there is no need to show examples (but we did just Google some pretty entertaining ones).  No mater which kind interests you, we can create a poster of it for you!