Blind Shipping Your Posters

Thankfully “blind shipping” does not mean that we simply put a name on a package and cross our fingers that it goes out, has a fun filled adventure, and ends up on the right front porch. No, blind shipping is much cooler than that, and much more effective. Instead of erasing the ship to address, we actually erase the return address (in this case, our address) and our branding. This allows your posters to be sent to your clients, other companies, and some cool kats with your name on them instead of PosterBrain’s. Pretty spiffy eh? What is even spiffier is how easy it is to do!

After you upload the file you want to posterize and have chosen your size, you will be taken to the summary page. Here you will be asked to enter in the billing and shipping information. There is a check box on the right hand side that will say “Ship to different?” When you check this handy dandy little box, you will be allowed to enter in the address of the person/company you want to ship the posters to. You will see another check box on the right hand side that says “Blind shipping?” Click this box and it will be all set to go! Pretty easy right? Happy shipping!