What Files Work Best for Poster Printing?

To posterize, or not posterize, that is the question. Do you have a file that you want to posterize but are worried about the clarity? Well, never you fear, there are a few quick tips and tricks to have blurry images running for the hills.

Firstly, we want to make sure the file size is big enough. We print our best posters from image files of 1000 KB or larger (700 KB will work for smaller posters such as 16″x24″.) If the file size is smaller than that, we run into a grainy or blurry look on the final product.

To ensure a larger size file, always use the original file. Did you know that Facebook images are automatically downsized? This works great for uploading quickly, but not so great when it comes to posterizing. Also when images are emailed, a lot of times a smaller file is sent because it saves on data usage and is easier. While we like easy (evidence by our 3 step ordering process), taking the time and steps to get the larger file size is necessary when it comes to posters.

Our next tip is regarding file types. JPG, PDF, PNG, BMP, ABC…man there are a lot of different file types out there! Just look at all of the ones we can create a poster from.

Image types accepted by PosterBrain

While all of these file types do work well, there is an ideal one to ensure a super high quality print. And our ideal file type is (drum roll please) a TIFF sized to final print size at 150 d.p.i, RGB color. With our digital printing process, 150 d.p.i is the maximum necessary resolution for perfect quality prints.

Hopefully that helps a little bit, but if you do ever have a question regarding a certain file, send it on over to us at support@posterbrain.com or give us a call 800-781-3187. As always, happy posterizing!

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

With the school year coming to an end, we’ve got teacher appreciation gifts on the brain. From apples to chalkboards, there are a lot of ideas floating around to show appreciation for all the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this school year. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite unique ways to put a smile on any teacher’s face!

1. In our expert opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Starbucks pick me up
Thanks a latte Starbucks gift for teachers

2. The sky’s the limit with a thank you poster! Too many choices? Give a PosterBrain gift card!Teacher appreciation posters and gifts

3. Chocolate. Enough said.

Teacher appreciation gift ideas

4. Grow. Plant. We see what they did there. 

Plants as a gift

5.  And then there’s always giving apples.

Spring Posters are Blooming at PosterBrain

Spring is in the air! What with all these rain showers, (ok we’ve been getting snow here in Colorado…but still, it’s wet and falls from the sky), Spring Break, and Easter, we are definitely getting in the mood for spring! So to help welcome it on in, we’ve compiled some of our favorite spring pictures that PosterBrain has posterized. Yay for spring and posters that capture it’s awesomeness!


1. Amazing photograph of a beautiful flower by Ted P. Kipping
up close flower50px_black_spacer

2. Baby goats – does it get any cuter??
baby farm animals


3. Spring hike in Lassen Volcanic National Park
Spring Mountains and trees 50px_black_spacer

4. Storm clouds rolling in Atlantic Beach, NY

5. Talking a walk with big bro


6. Baby ducks out for their first voyage!
springtime 50px_black_spacer

7.  Picture of clouds taken on top of the Sierra Summit on a beautiful Spring day

8. Very first Easter egg hunt – look at that sly grin!
First easter 50px_black_spacer

9. We’re not sure where this picture was taken, but aren’t these flowers so bright and oh so springy?!  50px_black_spacer

10. Bird perched perfectly on a tree branch

As you can tell, we are huge fans of Spring. But who can blame us? Happy Spring guys, and as always, happy posterizing!

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

What’s cheaper, and will last a whole lot longer, than a dozen roses? A poster of a dozen roses! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the hunt for the perfect, heartfelt gift has begun. Take this picture of a rose posted above for example. To a passerby it just looks like a beautiful rose. In reality, this is the rose from a very first Valentine’s Day together. Cue the “awwws”.

Or you can turn lyrics of “your song” into a poster! (you might want to stock up on the tissues before you let your shmoopie open their PosterBrain poster – heartfelt posters have been known to cause tears of joy. You have been warned.)

Not only are PosterBrain posters as unique as your special someone, they’re also high quality and the price won’t break the bank! For only $19 (plus shipping for a 24×36 size poster) you can get a gift that will be remembered and cherished for years and years to come. Now that IS the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift! So take a gander through your favorite pictures of you two love birds together, and order a gift today! If you want a special note included, just let us know. Happy Love Day!

There’s Still Time to Place your Christmas Order!

stockings and treeStill looking for the perfect Christmas present? Never fear, there’s still time to order an awesome PosterBrain poster for anyone and everyone on your list! With Christmas right around the corner, ordering awesome gifts online can be a little nerve racking. What if they don’t get to you in time, or what if they don’t look just right? With PosterBrain’s same day printing, we can guarantee your order will ship the next day. And we all know holiday shipping can get a touch crazy, but for our standard shipping, just place your order by December 18th and you’ll be set for Christmas!

Now for the question of quality. Not only do we use a pigment inkjet based process that creates vivid high-impact prints with brand new high gamut 8 ink technology (whew, that’s just fancy talk for consistent, accurate color) but we also have an insanely detailed quality check process. We don’t send out posters if they don’t look absolutely perfect. So order with confidence and earn the title of world’s best gift giver this year! Happy Holidays!

Posters for Photographers

Fun fact of the day: our founder, Eric James, is a die hard photographer and that’s actually why PosterBrain got its start. He wanted to create posters that kept the vibrancy and feel that he captured on his camera. It’s one of the biggest compliments when photographers trust us to posterize their photos because it tells us we are on the right track. Brown Nichols is one of our amazingly talented customers and his story makes his photography even more beautiful.

“I went to Glenville State College  in West Virginia and had Photography as an elective. I found it was fun and soon had a basic darkroom in my bedroom closet, haha. I had a Canon A-1 and thought I was at the top of the world then. As lives grow with a spouse and children the hobby took 2nd place. I recently survived Open heart surgery in 2013 and Stage 4 Cancer in 2014-now. I literally came to a stop and my mind just clicks in different way now. I stop and see things differently and have more patience and don’t let deadlines and times affect me. I have a pair of Nikon D-32′s and a few lens as I can afford them. I used Facebook as a medium and people commented to share more pics. I found that people actually enjoyed some of my works. I do as other photographers do and go from one subject to the other and concentrate on it, until I satisfy myself. I know I can do better with practice and maybe as I progress I can move up in the Nikon Family a bit.”

Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to always see the beauty around us Brown! Here are just a few of his beautiful shots that we have had the privilege of posterizing.

1. Winter Storm Jonas ends in West Virginia as the Wolf moon rises

sunrise photography

2. A park in Calhoun County, West Virginia. It’s part of a project with the University of Tennesse to form a “dark Sky” project for local astronomers.

Night photography

3. Spring mushrooms in West Virginia

West Virginia

If you have a photo you would like to enlarge, let us know! Our specially-engineered giclée pigment inks, paired with brand new high gamut 8-ink technology, will create a vivid high-impact print for you. We also use the latest embedded spectrophotometer to help get consistent, accurate color every time. Happy posterizing!


Halloween Costume Ideas

Did you know that posters can be used for Halloween costumes?? And we’re not just saying that because we think posters can be used for most things…

Halloween happens to be one of our favorite holidays. Dressing up and candy are a brilliant combination. Plus, it’s a time to really get your creative juices going! So if you are looking for a poster to complete your Halloween look, or looking for some fun ideas, we can help!

Exhibit A: Iphone Costume

Poster of an Iphone

Exhibit B: Photo Strip Costume

Unique costume ideas

Exhibit C: Background for a Terrible 90′s School Picture Costume. 

Background for school pictures

Exhibit D: Spice Girls Costume

Creative Spice Girls Halloween Costume

Exhibit E: “I’m a Poster” Costume

We can do it Costume

Feel free to post your Halloween costumes in our comment section, we’d love to see them!

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

“My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.” -George Washington

So what do you even get for the lady who has taught you all she knows, and deserves the world? How about a poster of the world?! Or a family portrait? Or a bouquet of flowers (they last a lot longer poster style)?

With PosterBrain, you can make a unique, custom poster for mom that is guaranteed to make her day! With our easy ordering process, and our quick turn-around time, you’ll be receiving your perfect gift for your mom in no time. So grab your favorite family pic, order a poster today, and get ready for the tears of joy to start flowing! Happy Mother’s Day everybody!

mothers day gift

girl identical twins

Get Ready to Rebound

“Everyone has their own challenges. It’s all about how you rebound.” If that quote gets you as fired up as it does us, just hold onto your socks, it gets even better! The Miami Heat Wheels have not only inspired us, they have opened our eyes and taught us how to rebound with style.

THE REBOUND is an award-winning documentary film that follows the underdog journey of the Miami Heat Wheels, a wheelchair basketball team, in their quest for a national title. Three adaptive athletes rally their team to victory while confronting obstacles on and off the court. The story is a real and visceral portrait of the athletes’ journey to realize their dreams while facing life’s biggest challenges. As a leading nationwide community that shares in our values, we truly believe this is a film you’ll find worthwhile.

We, as filmmakers (Shaina Allen, Director and Michael Esposito, Producer) stepped inside the lives of three players as they endure and respond to adversity, and push their way to a second chance. Friends, family, and pride hang in the balance as these men find an extraordinary gift in the hand life has dealt. They hope for an education, a big break, and a new life. Our cameras didn’t stop rolling when the players left the court: the film follows them through the trials of daily life.

As the team comes together, true character is tested and the athletes’ stories provide audiences an authentic connection that can bring us all together as people, regardless of our abilities. With each victory, the team gets closer to the idea that anything is possible—and it’s all about how you rebound.

In THE REBOUND’s west coast premiere at Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA, the film was awarded the 2016 Kaiser Permanente Thrive Award. “The secret weapon of The Rebound – the reason why this movie affects you so deeply, even if you don’t care about sports – lies within the personal stories of the players.” Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald Film Critic.

We first heard about “The Rebound” when they used PosterBrain to make thank you poster gifts for those who helped make this amazing documentary happen. We have been following their journey ever since and are so excited that they were accepted to the Dallas International Film Festival as well as Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida! Congrats you guys!

THE REBOUND team is always actively looking for community partners and organizations to bring the film to new audiences and share the story. If the film sounds like it could be a great fit for your campus, organization or community, send them a messageYou can also sign up for their Newsletter and join them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where updates on the film and other great content are posted regularly. 

“I do” to Video Images

Video Images has spent the last 22 years creating beautiful wedding videos and capturing some of the most important moments in life on film. Luckily for everyone, they also added photography to their business eight years ago and the results are stunning!

video images

We are huge fans of photography, but we haven’t dipped our toes in the world of wedding photography. That is no easy task! Not only are the photos going to be shared and posted for years and years to come, but they have to capture all the love, time and emotion that encompassed your special day. Video Images is not only up for the task, they dedicate their entire day to your special event and treat you just like family.

“To succeed in our business you must have a love for people, know your camera, and constantly explore new creative techniques. You have to possess great organizational skills, and you have to want to be the best. Our industry is constantly evolving, new technology and editing styles must be woven into the fabric of the business. Facing those challenges is very rewarding and enjoyable” -Jennifer Farina, founder.

Videos Images continues to produce irreplaceable videos and create lasting photos, but they also add in custom movie posters printed by PosterBrain to keep your wedding days special and unique.